You've Got to Be Willing


There are many times throughout life when you’re inspired to be your best, but it’s rare in history when life is required to be its best . . . where there are no options -- you’re either at your best -- or it's over. Such times are known as cataclysmic-evolutionary-catalysts (CEC), moments in the evolution of matter and life when options aren’t available and the magnitude of change is both unimaginable and essential. Now is such a time -- the extreme agony that accompanies this moment has stripped away all freedoms of choice . . . your only choices are to be your very best, or there’ll be no rest. Today there’s a necessity of human leadership -- a ‘future-proofing’ of the planet -- an insuring there’ll be life on Earth for a future to exist. The adolescents of evolutionary under-development have wrestled their way into all the positions of power; democracy has devolved into a mob rule; the epic quest for ‘Lord of the Rings’ has dissolved into the chaos of ‘Lord of the Flies’. These are the darkest of times where medicines for profit have more side effects than benefits; where banking is not financial security, but a chop-shop of money gangsters; where industry has stopped making life better on Earth and is destroying life on Earth. And government, sweet government, is now an accumulator of lawless characters housed in an institution of anarchy. Within this ridiculous riddle -- in a world turned upside down -- you’re on an assignment from Spirit, and have no choice. Either wake up, stand up, and show up, all the way up, or pack it up. At the threshold of human extinction, if you’re paying attention, your awareness is agony set in treachery -- it’s experiencing disloyalty causing great misery, and with no place to hide or run . . . no free will . . . you’ve got to be willing. Our prayer is that you experience this catastrophe and then resolve your honest mourning . . . it’s a natural response; that you then bring yourself to the threshold of deep breaths each morning; set yourself into outstanding mode every day, and stand out in the crowds of your life, with the best possible performance of your life, for life depends on it . . . and on you . . . this is real.