You're About To Make A Mistake, And Your Brain Knows It


We have a huge, complex brain with billions of cells, neural pathways, and neurons. On a good day, an evolved human being will use just 2 percent of his total brain. Part of the brain most people don’t use, according to recent research, is the part that registers when you're about to make a mistake. That information is there, yet you don’t know it on a conscious level. How could you know it? You’ve never before done the thing you’re about to do. Nevertheless, your brain knows when you're about to make a mistake, and you're not conscious of it because that information exists in the 98 percent that you’re not using. Not only is there is a part of your brain that knows you're about to make a mistake but there is also a part of your brain that always knows what is correct. I don’t mean correct according to societal standards; I mean accurate. We haven't awakened that part of the brain yet—but we could. That is where the metaphysical world meets the physical.