Your Pets


Here's your world -- a gift of life from ‘Infinity’. ‘Infinity’ is the giver with the ability to deliver anything and produce everything. One of the best parts of this world of gifts is when you're ready and able to receive them . . . and then, working on your 'willingness to receive' is the assignment of a lifetime. To open this ‘willingness to receive' -- Infinity has employed legions of angels (a legion is 4,444) -- all guiding and guarding you through each phase of the lesson. Some of these angels are the people around you, such as relatives and friends, and then there are the angelic strangers . . . people you don’t even know -- or perhaps never know. One of the greatest sources of angelic assistance are your pets and animals -- these angels have come into this world to be closer to you than any person could ever be. One of the pre-requisites of an angel is the unending ability of forgiveness -- dogs, cats, horses and other animals have this quality mastered . . . and when they don’t use it . . . there’s a very good reason. All animals have several bodies beyond their physical -- one of which is the multi-faceted emotional body. Each emotion is either used as a tool in life, or you unconsciously stumble under its influence. Studies have now shown that domesticated animals can mimic human emotional expressions in a split-second just like people . . . this shows empathy. These same researchers are going to eventually discover that all domesticated animals -- and even animals in the wild -- have the same emotional abilities as humans . . . simply a vastly different language through which they’re expressed. Great seers have long been aware that these so called "pets" -- animals who’ve become very close to their masters -- are actually fully enlightened souls that have returned to life on Earth as angelic guides and guards to teach their masters that lesson -- the ‘willingness to receive’. Our prayer is that you relate to your animals, knowing that they are your angels; gratefully accept their devotion, and more ‘willingly receive’ their blessings. As you sense the devotion . . . acknowledge it . . . as your teacher, they’ll be so very grateful.