Your Open Heart


Just as the eyes and ears receive optical and auditory information and relay it to the brain -- your heart is the sensory relay that receives the information of love from the ocean that envelops all life; then relays this to the brain. Living with an “open heart” receives the most of this information -- just as living with your eyes and ears open allows you to see and hear the most of what’s around you. However, an open heart, in a dangerous setting, by nature feels unsafe. But, if you hold it open long enough, this produces greater awareness, one that perceives beyond the danger. Your natural reaction to shut down is actually the more dangerous reaction . . . it closes off this perception. Being open around danger delivers intuition . . . gives you the insight to solutions. For every challenge, or danger, there’s an equal solution in the immediate vicinity . . . this is nature’s law. The world today is no more dangerous than the world of a million years ago -- it’s just that a million years ago you worried about a sabretooth tiger; today you have to deal with the sabretooth neighbor. The idea that you can be safest when you’re experiencing love is counter-intellectual, and counter-emotional . . . everything about danger tells you to shut down, run and hide. However, when you ride your thoughts and emotions -- in the midst of this danger -- it’s like riding a wild horse; you’re actually safest when not fighting the animal, but when you’re intuitively anticipating the animal’s presence and movements. In this way you’re tuning to your awareness more than your emotions; this awareness of the "horse" allows for a successful ride, not just achieve safety. Our prayer is, when you’re caught in a challenging scene; you’re in the vicinity of that sabretooth “tiger” of your life -- in combination with everything else that you’re doing -- ride the emotions and thoughts; anticipate their movements and feel them registering at the center of your pounding chest . . . right there in the heart. You’ll discover the answers and the solutions with your openness to an overwhelming sense of self-love . . . your open heart is the safest place you can live.