Your Needs Are Met Once you Know They Are


While building the tribes into community, while building a relationship into unity; you will either establish identity through your excellence or your obstinance. By being collaborative not competitive you are envisioning an ideal content, while disposing consciously of its impenetrable packaging. You are allowing the balance to balance the polarities . . . both the positives and the negatives. In the process, display great patience . . . patience is not sitting and waiting, it's sitting and knowing. Patience is holding the 'space' of achievement with the 'place' of absolute willingness. In the sailing of a relationship . . . (Place) is the position of your sails. (Destiny) is where you are going. (Purpose) is the pathway between where you are and where you are going. The winds are the circumstances of the infinite possibilities of the (Space). In these infinite possibilities are the infinite solutions awaiting your patience to unfold them.

In the process of building this community — social, business or other — trust everyone for who they are and allow them to be who they are . . . all the while having tremendous encouragement for them becoming who they long to be. Remember: all life — at the core — longs to be included . . . never excluded — longs to be inclusive . . . not exclusive.

To this end; it is essential that your voice be reasonable in tone, while you are unreasonable in your commitment. There can be no audible absolutes on your voice-print of this commitment — the tone must be flexible and yet the commitment absolutely firm. Absolutes in your tone will always set up a rebuttal, which will in turn set up an argument. When your tone is flexible and there is a guarantee in your absolute commitment, there is nothing to rebut and you convey a sense of total security.

Patience, when accompanied by such security, is a guarantee . . . your needs will be met by the gratitude that your needs will be met. Humee hum . . . Brahm hum . . . this is Sanskrit for such a realization.