Your Magical Reality


The quirky laws of quantum physics show the universe as a fuzzy, predictably-unpredictable phenomenon. Reality is perception, plus belief, minus emotional interference . . . with belief being the strongest part of the equation. This equation is filled with miniature spaces and quantum 'particles'. These 'particles' actually exist in a state known as "super-position." They are located in multiple places simultaneously -- that is until they’re "observed" -- until they interact with you -- then they're compelled to settle into one place. This, like many other cosmic operations, is invisible -- it's magical -- but also extremely practical. Even though this is invisible to your senses, it's actually "visible" to your 'higher-senses' of love, trust and gratitude. Not only is it "visible" to your love, trust and gratitude, but these 'higher-senses' produce the good health that allows you to extend your influence. This is evolution at work, and archeology has found that whenever evolution worked with this 'super-position' phenomenon, it produced the opportunities for building communities out of the random nature of human wandering. Over the centuries and millennia, human gatherings and communities have spread this love, trust and gratitude, which in turn allows diversity to discover its unity. This process still continues, but not without resistance, and as we move beyond seven billion people -- toward eight, nine and ten billion -- this unity within diversity will become mandatory . . . survival depends on it. The invisibility of all this is an illusion (maya); it's hidden in the light passing through the crystaline edges of every atom . . . confused by the psycho-emotional attitudes of the observer. These attitudes produce pressure-patterns on the crystalline edges of your physical body, which in turn affects the light that directs your observation . . . this then affects your inclinations and conclusions. Our prayer is that your beliefs in love, trust and gratitude serve you -- by arranging everything you touch, hold dear, and stand for, into 'super-positions' that succeed . . . remember it's up to you.