Your Light Body Knows It's Eternal


Every day we are given an opportunity. Some event takes place a little outside the plan -- that doesn't sit well with your animal because your animal wants to guarantee its security. Your light body knows it is eternal, no security required.

When you are a small child and you go into the swimming pool they wrap you with floaties, those rings they put around your arms, your tummy, just about everywhere. Have you been in a pool lately? Did you put floaties on? You don't need that security anymore. You are going to have to surrender. We are all going to leave this body and if you think that the complexity to get into this body is different from the way to get out of this body, then your simplicity is really alarming.

Billions of people on earth think you leave this body and that this body becomes just kind of a cloudy form, a wispier form and you go sit somewhere, you play a flute or if you're into stringed instruments, you get a harp... Simplicity -- alarming simplicity. You don't get to keep what you have here except your level of consciousness and your level of consciousness has nothing to do with your thinking.