Your Immortal Authority


The measure and value of a life on Earth, for you who show up consciously in this new era, will be your immortal authority. Growing old is a long established habit of losing the authority to remain vital. It's an approval and disapproval that's passed through generations of DNA with body languaging, eye and facial expressions, tones of voice, gestures with the hands, and countless conversations about exhaustion. Staying young and vibrant throughout life -- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually -- requires maintenance of an authority to be unique, and never give up. This means honoring the cells of your body; the ideas in the mind, and the freedom to relate in a heart to heart way with everyone. When conscious of this, you grow wiser and remain vital, and life’s stresses dissolve in a healthy awareness.

Human beings need to capture this immortal authority...the sense of endless empowerment with loving kindness. This Universe is completely occupied, there are no vacuums, any part of you that’s not self-occupied, will be filled by something else. This filler is made of the collective habits of others...random traits with no real value, or vitality that do no good. To remain youthful, vital and healthy, you must give yourself permission to be full of yourself, and then validate this freedom. This freedom discovers the true nature of evolution...a step by step process of progress. It’s a trial with errors and healthy forgiveness with loving kindness...a check and balance that assures the ultimate accuracy of your growth. This allows you to keep up in the midst of "normal” doubt and the “looks” you'll receive for impacting the Earth so dramatically.

Our prayer is that you choose to remain this vital and free, rather than following the habits of the crowd; that your ideas remain as tolerant of others as you expect others to be of you; that you connect your physical world to your immortal soul, and allow this marriage to guide you through a kind and loving life on Earth that extends the envelope everywhere, and does this well beyond one hundred years.

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