Your Immortal Authority


In the ‘Theatre of the Divine’, the lens of your consciousness is the key to progressing through the maze of chaos and absurdity that's taking place in the show. The light from the projector is the constant light of infinity (GOD); the theatre screen is metadata within the “world” of whatever and whenever surrounds you. The variable in the entire show of your life is the film of your story. Your consciousness manipulates this metadata through the lens of the observations that it absorbs. As a clear default of infinity, there must be equals to every bit of the data extending throughout the infinite directions. Mastering this matrix of metadata is what transforms a person from a “ghost” into a “host.”

Whenever you’re not working with your higher capacity, life is that of a burdened ghost . . . an imposter in the film of your life. As a host, you literally take on this ocean of metadata with your cosmology, genealogy, and chronology to shape an identity into your destiny. This is the plot of the film when you’re conscious; this is the story that engages you throughout the sequences of time. This ocean of metadata can either be shaped into the will of your destiny, or be left to the preposterous maya (illusions) of your fate. The lens of your consciousness will gather this data into packets of associated and disassociated arrangements . . . this is then run through the cycling wheel of time to create the finer threads of detail and weave it into a fabric of story . . . your life.

All this takes place as the soul is effortlessly capturing immortality for your consciousness. Your consciousness then has the options to accept, or reject this power known as your immortal authority . . . the soul’s gift to the film of your life when you chose destiny over fate . . . conscious shaping over unconscious chaos.

Our prayer is that you realize you have these power-choices with every breath you take; that shaping the film of your life is your immortal authority, and you can achieve this no matter what's taking place in your story right now. You can produce a greater future from the infinite metadata within the ‘right now’ by reshaping your lens of consciousness right now.

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