Your Human Compass


Healthy soil contains billions of tiny microorganisms that help plants thrive and keep our food supply abundant. With this high diversity of microbiology, the soil functions more efficiently to the extent that these microorganisms -- and their function of breaking down the organic matter -- is more important than water, environment, or temperature. Research has determined this soil micro-diversity is imperative to the success of life. Diversity is also essential within the human system itself. For people to thrive on Earth there must be a variety of views and lifestyles within each moment. This diversity, just like the diversity in soil, allows for the weaknesses to break down, and the strengths to build up . . . it tests the system as an essential part of evolution. Being accepting of this diversity allows for progress. Being intolerant of this diversity produces regression. This is the human compass; at the core of this compass is compass-ion. The public attitudes that promote diversity and tolerance are keys to the future; the ones that promote intolerance of diversity produce locks that shut out any possibility of a human future. Loss of diversity results in a failure to break down the old stagnation . . . this fails to break down that which never worked, or no longer works . . . it favors useless traditions and bigotry. In order to move to diversity, humanity must shift quickly and slowly. The shock is too great for suddenness, but the need is too great for indolence. This shift must be experienced on a collective level -- physically, emotionally, and mentally. One powerful way to open up these pathways is with your voice . . . it's time to speak up, and speak out . . . doing so with compassion. Our prayer is that you are ready, willing, and able to promote diversity -- physical, emotional, and mental diversity; that you speak up and speak out in support of this every chance you have, and that you are super compassionate while doing so as you are confronted by those who are unprepared. The future of human life depends on you now . . . step up . . . speak out.