Your Higher Abilities


Humans have three intuitive centers, two are located in the upper three chakras, and a third is at the top of the third chakra. To hear beyond the words of a person's voice, or an animal’s call . . . in between the tones, to know the intentions is called clairaudience . . . the third ear. To see beyond the light of what appears, and into the light of what is, what was, and what is to be is called clairvoyance . . . the third eye. The third intuitive center, located at the intersection of the solar-plexus and the navel center gives you the hunch . . . the gut feeling. Called clairsentience, this is the most commonly used. None of these centers need to be activated -- they are already highly active. People completely miss their subtle messages because “life” absorbs all the attention with the three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time. When these centers send their incredible messages, you don’t listen, or if by chance you listen, you don’t believe it. Intuition adds perspective that tells you what actually is, what was, or what will be . . . as opposed to what “appears.” The human psyche departed from using these centers several thousand years ago; that’s why the masters and yogis, throughout the ages, called the human experience of base perception as ‘maya’. It’s missing the additional information that makes it real. Without this information it’s an illusion, it’s like an orchestra missing several sections of instruments . . . the symphony is incomplete . . . what humans are experiencing is incomplete. With this information missing, many other things influence perception . . . you don’t accurately see, hear, or feel what is actually happening. This is the current nature of human nature and the reason there’s so much ignorance and challenge . . . no other creature is causing the problems that humans are. All other creatures are perceiving accurately . . . you can see it in their eyes. Our prayer is that you do what it takes to begin paying attention to your higher abilities; that you build this habit into a daily reminder, and allow your conversations and conclusions to come from the compassion of your extra-sensory-perception.