Your Food


Eight to Ten thousand years ago, humans began cultivating their food . . . it’s had remarkable benefits and significant setbacks. Saving seeds was innovative; it enabled far more predictable food sources, but also sacrificed the human’s ‘botanical’ sense -- a sense that early humans used to understand the difference between nutritional, medicinal, and pathological plants . . . food -- medicine -- poison. Cultivating animals for slaughter has had a profoundly negative affect on the human psycho-emotional consciousness. Caring for a living creature, and then murdering it for food, constitutes a deep betrayal. This introduced emotional disturbances into the collective human psychology, and once introduced -- they reproduced -- as thousands of years passed, these levels of betrayal morphed into other, more compound, emotions. This corrupted atmosphere has become normal and now governs human behavior into what is considered acceptable . . . patterns and attitudes that are found in no other species . . . completely unacceptable to most animals in nature. Humans were never biologically prepared to be murderous carnivores, and are now living with near pathological levels of these patterns and sub-patterns woven throughout their collective consciousness. With this increase in betrayal and aggression, came the escalation of cruelty and revenge as common behavior . . . allowing suffering without concern to affect innocent peoples, cultures, religions, and nations. This hyper-development of inhumane emotions is now firmly in place. Our prayer is that forgiveness, compassion, communication and deep listening (sunia) becomes your habit to slowly and clearly replace this collective pattern that has developed over the millennia. As Gandhi once said, “An eye for an eye and the whole world becomes blind.” All humans can rethink their diet and agriculture and reduce the foods that adversely affect the planet . . . to allow the peace that’s always been there, to become the peace that’s always shared . . . now is the best time to begin.