your essential code


You are a gathering of breaths . . . breaths of existence collected into a body of space-time for the purpose of fulfilling a conscious awareness driven by the promise of a universal soul. Waves upon waves of prana (life-force) carry you through a labyrinth of incarnations . . . your lives 'ever' rising from your deaths 'never' happening form the path you are traveling through this myriad of illusions. Lessons wind through the mysteries of space toward the mastery of time, and with each of these lessons you gather more of your essential code . . . the code of being you. Each grave error you commit simply adds gravity to live within . . . then it's resolved, ultimately, by the levity you acquire in perfecting the process. If practice makes you perfect, then it's perfection that keeps driving you to practice. Meeting the parts of you that need nothing except being you pushes you forward, while the parts of you that require confirmation from everything around you, hold you back. Life is the collection of results over the centuries and millennia and ultimately fills itself with itself; overflows and shares itself with everything else, and makes up for all the gross errors of space with calculations of perfect timing. Our prayer is that you allow this great mechanism to continue to honor the imperfections that cause the uniqueness that makes you -- you; to allow yourself to excel within this imbalanced balance and enjoy the path of growing -- from the terrible mistakes, and grave errors, plus the extraordinary experiences and amazing miracles -- toward the person who innocently and ecstatically gathers the breaths of existence where it all began.