Your Brain Is There To Keep Its Job. If You Commit, It's Out Of Work.


Layers upon layers of objections masquerading as options spring to life in the face of a question like: Are you ready to commit to being. Well, your brain says, that doesn't take into consideration the… in addition to … there is also the … and also the … and the… The brain was built for this purpose. It evolved to protect your body. It won't have a job if your body isn't at risk. If there is no possible breakage of the law, police is a non-function. Your brain is there to keep its job and if you commit, it's out of work. It's like going to the grocery store, have all these groceries that have gone through the machine, you paid the bill and now the guy who is bagging your groceries is telling you which bags you can take home. It doesn't make sense. You can throw your arms up about it and yet you're the same idiot when it comes to your life. You are spending your breaths and what are you buying? Fear . . . I will take five bags of fear . . . and I will take three hours worth of doubt today . . . I'll take a minute or two of every five minutes of concern . . . you know, I don't want to eat such spicy fear all day long so I'll just have some concern because fear upsets my stomach if I eat too much of it . . . so concern is a much milder intake. These are your breaths . . . they are your gifts in this life. Your life is measured by them . . . then somebody says: well I better not do breath of fire. Breath of fire is considered one breath so if you do five minutes of breath of fire . . . that is one breath.