Your Body Wasn’t Made for the Food You Eat


Your body was not made for the food you eat; your brain was not made for the throughts you think, and your emotions weren’t made for the emotions you feel in today’s world. Depending upon your physical size, you have between forty and one hundred trillion cells in your body. Every one of them is pressed, stressed, frictionilized or tensionalized. This tension, stress, pressure and friction that comes into body can be caused by physical position, electricity, magnetism, sound or chemistry. There are all different forms of chemistry. There is barbaric chemistry and then there is the natural one.

The vegan vegetarian humanitarians didn’t say: “Let’s march all over Europe and claim the place for us.” They said: “That’s theirs, let’s leave it to them.” The barbarians went all over Africa. Read the book “Guns, Germs and Steel” if you want to know what Africa was like before the barbarians took it over. If you want to know what the Americas were like before the barbarians took it over, read the book “1491.” If you want to know what India was like before, read the Victorian Holocaust.

There was no starvation. There was no depletion because when you live in the experience of the moment, you’re in tune with life.

Why did the natives all over the world fall prey to the diseases that were being introduced? Because, like herbs and plants, if you’re not threatened you don’t develop antibody. You don’t need the immune system for that which is not attacking you.