You Want What You Rightfully Desire and Deserve


You choose to listen to your heart? . . . then why don't you? . . . because your decisions are controlled by your brain. You really want happiness but if you get happiness then your brain is out of business so you don't get happiness. You want what you rightfully deserve and desire. They will just come to you if you actually allow them to but your brain won't let that happen because then your brain would be out of business. What if you got everything you desired? What would be the use of your brain? Your brain is always going, yeah but that's not the red one, that's the yellow one. Are you sure? Well I don't know and you're going yeah, you're right. You're standing next to the brain going, really? And the brain instills these fears and these doubts in your life. You can begin to override the brain's control with yoga. When you do the exercises, the kryas and the chanting . . . who does it? You do . . . because your brain decided to? No . . . because you're committed.