You Influence Or You Are Influenced


What do dogs want? Two things: thumbs and pockets. If they had thumbs, they wouldn't have to wait for you. They could go to the cupboard and tear open the package of treats,and if they had pockets, they could take the treats with them. Yes, every dog wants thumbs and pockets. They look at you with those doggy eyes, and you think they are admiring you. Trust me, they are not. They are wondering how an idiot like you got thumbs and pockets and they didn't.

The robes of Jesus were woven from a single thread and had no pockets. He didn't have a bank account. Everything that came to him came to him in the moment. He trusted that since God had sent him here, God would pick up the tab. You are concerned or you know someone who is; either he influences you or you influence him. That's the cosmic law. Every relationship is a relationship in influence. That is why there is some very advanced consciousness in this world and some very not-so-advanced consciousness.So why are some souls so advanced and conscious and conscientious and compassionate, while others just make you shake your head? It's all about influence,either you influence or you're influenced.