You haven’t got a clue


All this itchy twitchy nervous, oh I don’t know, I hope, I wish and I don’t know. We have become so dumb numb to this insanity that we can do it increasingly and believe that it is living.  It is not living. Just admit it, you haven’t got a clue. You have been faking it up all along. You’re an idiot. Just admit each moment, come on each moment, I got no clue. It will make you feel very insecure and you will act like an embarrassed person. It’s new. Be ok with that. Did you know that existence is conflict? Nonexistence can create conflict but existence is conflict. If your atoms were not in conflict, you would not exist in the physical form. So your physical form is held together by the dynamics of tension, pressure, stress and friction that is conflict. That is a relationship in itself. You are literally the relationship of thirty to seventy trillion atoms, cells, trillions of atoms in the cells but seventy trillion cells. All in conflict and you’re managing that human conflict as a human. You got two legs, two arms; you walk standing up, for the most part. You got to that point and said, that’s it, I got to standing up and that’s as much as I need to do?

You got this brain that was growing at the rate of thirteen million neuro-pathways per second from the time that you started building the brain until you were twenty-two years old. Then at twenty-two years old, that which you weren't using you began losing unless you speak three or more languages on an ongoing bases or mediate a considerable amount everyday. Under those two conditions you stop losing brain cells and you maintain your brain. You're all flustered because you're insecure about that and not sure about this and you got to do this and that but this isn't life. That's not living. All that insecurity is not life. All that adding and subtracting and multiplying and dividing, you got this little piece of paper that tells you what you're worth. At that rate, you're not worth anything. I don't care how many numbers are on that little piece of paper, you're not worth anything.

If you're not able to enter each moment, you don't live.