You’re the Breathing 

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You're neither the breather, nor the breath. The breather of your breath is a Universal creative force sometimes called GOD. The deepest blessing from this ‘breather’ of life is the action of your breathing, for as long as this takes place, there's life . . . you're alive. It’s by breathing that spirit engages your physical body . . . the articulations of your life remain within matter and you matter. Breath is spirit, and the breather is GOD -- you’re the breathing in between them, but you don’t do the breathing . . . the breather does. The more open to, and aware of this paradox -- the “Pavana” in yogic/mystical terms -- the more you’re open to the “infinite stranger” . . . your invisible partner. Infinity is a 'stranger' because it's so far beyond your sensory perception.

Experiencing yourself being breathed is your connection beyond survival signals, and out in these intuitive messages from your partner. Your parasympathetic nervous system listens in deep meditation. In this you venture beyond the walls of centuries of religious misinformation, beyond this moment of extensively planned human ignorance, and through magical doorways into temples of radical wisdom. This is an antidote to ailments spreading across the world -- where humans are required to slave, rather than inspired as windows into the consciousness of GOD . . . the “Infinite Stranger.” Worthiness is measured with capital, and capital is mislabeled as time . . . “time is money.” True wisdom is seen as a weakness and labeled “wu-wu.” Changing this perspective requires a “take no guff” warrior’s awareness; dares to be both essential and courageous, and creates the future that has a future.

Our prayer is that you’re aware you’re not the breath, nor the breather, but that you're the breathing; that with the gift of each breath you exhale wisdom and kindness from the breather; that you’re enchanted by this “Infinite Stranger”, but not afraid of it, and your relationship is deeply personal. 

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