See Beyond False Narratives

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History is always retold in a reshaped version by the victorious with their fictional versions soon becoming fact. The Revolutionary War -- in American history -- has always been taught as a struggle for freedom, but in fact this war was led by merchants to preserve their system of economics. The four largest industries of that time were sugar, cotton, tobacco, and the slaves used to reap greater profits from these crops. The British were heavily taxing slaves, for slavery was losing favor and being outlawed all over Europe. The Americans were rebelling to keep the system intact in America.

The "founding fathers” -- all of them slave owners, and some of them slave-traders -- were not the purely benevolent men of history books . . . they were strong willed merchants dedicated to their businesses. Interesting that this is the same attitude that’s governing the lack of global leadership today. History is always written for a reason, and you must research the reasons to understand the story. It was once said that the only difference between history and mythology is that mythology is true. History is generally told -- in an emperor's language -- the language of false authority that defines terms and narratives in order to maintain power. Once the world became “round,” merchants sailed all over the seas -- shifting the major wealth of the world from the monarchs to the merchants. Today this has reached a pitched crescendo that's unlike any other time in history with corporations becoming the monarchies. Believing that time is money makes it more important than the lives of persons, and has produced a severe pandemic of ignorance alongside the money chase.

Our prayer is that you see beyond these false narratives and understand the true value of your time; that you become a deeply knowledgeable student of history and never lose touch with what’s real, and then create a story for life by replacing all of the emperor’s languaging with the language of your soul. 

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