Be Unique, Be You, Be Uniquely You

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For nearly as long as humans have put on clothing, the clothing has made a statement about the person inside. Clothing has a great deal to say about the way people encounter each other, but rather than identifying a level of evolution, today human clothing identifies the level of awareness. Think about the flowing costumes of the past and how they’ve given way to a stark presentation of suits and ties. Then think about the word tie, it’s actually a word that comes from the days of slavery, where the captured and enslaved were ‘tied’ to that which could hold them in check. In its earliest times, the ‘tie’ was a metal collar, fixed around the neck, with a chain hanging down in front to be tied to the belt in the day, and the bed at night. Today the necktie is a common symbol of business dedication . . . a close cousin -- in this sense -- to slavery.

The flowing robes of wisdom and nobility -- the ones worn by the wisdom keepers to differentiate from the commons -- have been cut down to where everyone is suited. Today this public suit is blindly accepted -- it suits the commons with the neckwear of slaves -- no one questions the origins. In such a world -- avoidant of depth of thought, or revelations of wisdom, one devoted to buying and selling -- the flowing cloth of wisdom is relegated to those visited on Sunday . . . everyone else is common . . . a slave. The ancient wisdom of trust has been replaced by competition, usurped for the emotional delight of strong competitors. The planet is basking in ignorance while lusting over traded capital as the value of life, and clothing depicts this ignorance as voluntary . . . slavery to ignorance is rampant.

Our prayer is that you’ll build a system of wisdom and trust to replace the ignorance that’s common; that you’ll dress in your own style, breaking habits of bondage, and develop a common sense of the freedom that’s commonplace . . . be unique, be you, be uniquely you. 

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