Souls From The Future

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The genetic differences from the current octopus and its ancestral subclass are extreme. It has a huge brain; extremely sophisticated nervous system; camera-like eyes; magically flexible body, and an instantaneous camouflage capacity to switch colors and change shape. These are just a few of its features that have appeared on this evolutionary screen quite suddenly and without any apparent evolutionary development. It's speculated that the octopus has been projected from the distant 'future' in terms of Earthly evolution.

In fact, because of who you are in this world and then reading these prayer postings, it's very likely you are also from a future system as well. The research around the octopus speculates they arrived on Earth as a group of functioning genes preserved within large icy meteors, hundreds of millions of years more advanced than life here. You’ve obviously arrived on Earth, as a group of functioning souls from hundreds of millions of years more advanced than human life at the present moment. Such extraterrestrials are referred to as panspermia, from the ancient Greek (pan), meaning 'all', and (sperma), meaning 'seed'. This understands that life exists throughout the Universe, and can be distributed everywhere in space dust, meteoroids, asteroids, comets, and planetoids.

Our prayer is that you consider the qualities of your consciousness and realize they are not normal as per present human tendencies; that you realize -- just like the octopus -- you have abilities that are uniquely more advanced such as your compassionate heart and awareness . . . now, take courage and use these abilities and qualities for the benefit of the other lives on Earth . . . recognize and embrace your advanced purpose as a soul from the future, who's come to make corrections in the past which is present. 

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