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The slave trade with black Africa was pioneered by the Arabs; its economic mechanisms were invented by the Italians and Portuguese . . . mostly run by western Europeans, it was often conducted with the full cooperation of the African kings. Slave trading flourished as early as 869 AD . . . especially between Arab traders and western African kingdoms. In most instances, no violence was necessary to obtain those being enslaved, for contrary to legends, the traders did not kill to capture, but brought trading goods that appealed to the kings of the targeted tribes.

The mindset required to buy and sell humans into bondage is the result of lacking the immunity to brutality . . . the abused becomes the abuser, even when it emerges generations later. Those cultures -- during this violent time of human history -- with genetic memories of brutality, were able to exact that same violence onto others. When this takes place, the consciousness adjusts its view of the victims to justify the brutal actions. These inhumane human natures are still echoing through the genetic streams of people in today's world. It's the root of bigotry and racism; xenophobia and bias; it's where humans become trapped outside the changing times. This is not a disease that will be cured with shame, or blame . . . the roots are too deep. This is a psycho-emotional disease that will take time and loving compassion, directed in all directions, to solve and resolve.

Our prayer is that you’ll join together to establish a plan for the decades; set goals of ten to twenty years in which this disease will be eradicated, and release the pressures of desire to muster a quicker fix . . . go for the fix that's deep and everlasting instead. 

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