Learn The Art And Science Of Gratitude

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Human beings have choices, and one of these choices is either living as a ball on the playing field of life . . . going where the field of life wanders, or living out on the horizon of your dreams . . . charting entirely new maps. There's little awareness amongst most humans that there's access to this complete list of life's extraordinary options . . . universal options, even ones that appear beyond reach. This is why there are clever sayings like, "Life is what happens to you . . . then you die." In order to be a player on the field -- not just the ball -- to actually have an effect on what happens in a meaningful way, you must learn the art and science of gratitude. Taking the good and the bad as equal blessings is powerful. Learning to learn from every moment is transformational.

This is the nature of evolution; it's the nature of nature . . . it's time to make it your human nature. The 'good' has a reward . . . the 'bad' has a reason . . . learn to look for the 'good' reason in the 'bad' event. Then there's never such a thing as a punishment. You raise your expectations to learn, and whenever you're disappointed, gratitude will learn from the errors; will plan more effectively next steps . . . next times . . . in the next moments. This is the equation for growth, and the key to any equation is that there's always an equals. You are equal to the task whenever the task has attracted you . . . this is the path of gratitude . . . it will expand your horizons. It's within these expanded horizons that the possibility within the im'possibility' is discovered. Now is the time for everyone who has ever dreamt of changing the world to be real . . . now is the time to believe in those dreams because they're real, and now is the time.

Our prayer is that you still believe in these dreams; that you are just young enough -- no matter how old you are -- to keep these dreams alive; that you take a few steps every day to make a difference in some small way . . .  it's up to you . . . you're right on time, and the time to be a player is here. 

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