Presence And Your Preference  

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Disappointment is a common sensation throughout today's global social culture. It’s where people believe that the world "out-there" is affecting the world “inside” their individual perception. It's very easy to understand when looked at from a meditative position. You realize that it’s tied to a disconnect in the relationship between your presence and your preference. When you fail to make this connection -- the relation between your 'soul-body' presence and your ‘physical-body’ preference; when you fail to measure this inherent difference as a goal, but view it as a failure of future possibilities -- then you disconnect your appointment with hope; with fulfillment, and with your “self.”

Preferences overpower your deeper presence -- the appointment with ‘soul-body’ -- the result is experienced as disappointment. The vital coefficient -- the constant quality sustaining life -- is this connection to the soul. When you disconnect this, you multiply life's variables like compounding interest . . . the outside -- “out-there” -- world becomes huge and confusing . . . the sense of your personal value becomes small and ineffective. This clearly does not meet your deeply valid expectations of life and the result is dis-couraging; dis-pleasing, and dis-appointing. Because of today’s complex and compounding social interactions, the opportunity for this is becoming more common . . . perception is disrupted . . . you lose your centeredness . . . your inner-view fades from sight. The path to correcting this is in perceiving the outside world as a reflection of your inner-view . . . that constant factor measuring the importance of your values. It’s the coefficient of your presence . . . the sense of your soul appointment.

Our prayer is that you maintain your centeredness with a daily routine (large or small). Exercise and stretch every morning to center your physical body; contemplate and meditate to center your psycho-emotional bodies, and sing and chant to center the subtle connection to your appointment with the soul . . . appoint yourself. 

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