Everything In Your Life Is A Teacher  

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Everything in your life is a teacher -- every moment of time; every section of space, and everything within each of these. It's all an example of who you are in the details (the pixels), from the projection of its light, sound and vibration, to the interpretation from every angle of reception on your side. The stones teach us -- the plants teach us -- the animals teach us . . . especially the ones who've worked their way into our lives as pets and partners. Even the insects have their messages to teach us. Since everything in life is a teacher, the obviously important part you can play is to remain a constant student . . . for your whole life. Keeping your system open and receptive is an effort that works into the core of the existential battle known as evolution.

Evolution both closes you down for the purpose of preservation and protection, and opens you up to notice the opportunities for growth and gain. When your system is open and receptive, not only do you experience the lessons in life -- you experience the love that surrounds and supports you. But at the same time you experience the vulnerability that's contained in each moment . . . within this danger approaches you, your life wants to close down and protect itself . . . ultimately becoming unable to experience the ocean of love. This is the constant battle, and when you shut down -- those around you reflect this by becoming critical, closed, uncooperative and unwilling. They are the same people of love . . . the change took place inside you . . . the angles of perception were altered . . . the spacetime now appears unhappy. This is how your lessons play throughout life -- day after week after month after year.

Our prayer is that you're loving the school of life; that you're a willing student who does the homework; that you relate openly to the other students in your life because connection and relation are the most important parts of school . . . the deepest values of life are discovered during recess. 

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