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When, in the course of life, the base emotions turn toward fear, doubt, scarcity, or the sense of threat -- the brain, in order to protect, measures life through two dimensions. This is 'right - wrong'; 'good - bad'; 'weak - strong'; 'yes - no' . . . always a comparison, and always keeping score. Some of the sensations that find it nearly impossible to exist within this two dimensional world are -- love, trust, compassion, forgiveness and respect. These are sensations of the heart, and the heart never keeps score -- only the brain does.

Running your life as a score-keeper will ultimately always lose. This is one of the many reasons why money has become disruptive to relationships and caused people to act without compassion, even when they're a deeply compassionate person. When these base emotions, of the second dimension try to mix with the measurement of time -- the fourth dimension -- there will always be a gap in the third dimension. There's an old saying, "Time is money" and since it has become so connected with this fourth dimension of time, the rules of the second dimension have great challenges to fitting in. This causes people to do things around money that they'd never do under any other circumstances . . . tell little lies, take advantage of others, or be outright disrespectful.  There's another saying, "When you can't pay the bill, at least pay the respect." Honoring the two dimensions of good and right, while bringing in the fifth dimensional heart with compassion and kindness will recreate harmony.

Our prayer is that whenever you're dealing with the sensations of fear or doubt -- whenever you're dealing with the energies of money and time -- whenever you're dealing with temptations beneath your dignity . . . stop . . . take a long deep pause . . . breathe into the center of your physical heart and locate the core of your actual character. Then act from your heart and the time will always work out . . . the fifth dimension is magical. 

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