We Awakened Leaders

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Fact: this Universe is expanding out from its ever-present center -- known as a redshift -- everything is moving out and away from itself continuously. The polarity to this is a contraction of everything inward toward itself . . . known as a blue-shift. These are caused by time and gravity waves traveling throughout the cosmos. This particular Universe is currently in a massive redshift and has been since the “Big-Bang.” It's literally what the “Big Bang” describes -- an ever increasing tension, pressure, stress and friction throughout cosmic matter. Today, all life -- both plant and animal -- are reacting to this with extreme stimulation.

And because humans live outside of their natural instincts, they're reacting with extreme uncertainty. Your inclination of consciousness is created by the formations and angles of your awareness . . . like “sails.” When the angles of your awareness are set into these extreme winds of change, each human responds via their individual inclinations. Since this is the highest degree of red shift ever known in Earth’s recorded history, this is a sublimation point . . . a crossroads in the development of matter . . . humans are caught in the middle. At this sublimation point, core shifts are at play, and as time continues, there'll be more and more people feeling mentally agitated and emotionally unstable. In response to these extremes more suicides will occur; more dependence on pharmaceuticals and street remedies will occur . . . all attempting to create a sense of certainty in a world without any.

Our prayer is that you’ll respond to this time as an awakened leader; that you’ll walk in this “woke” state, and relieve those around you from succumbing to their uncertainty, and as people seek refuge and shelter from this “storm” -- be the ‘lighthouse’ of wisdom, trust, faith and compassion . . . be here for them. 

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