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Today is a time when human commitments are at their weakest point; devotions are at their darkest ever; devilish bigotry is coming out of centuries in hiding, and religious worship is embedded with a cloak of self-serving interests. Such is the nature of the darkest ages . . . the Kali yuga (Sanskrit). It's written in the ancient texts of wisdom that these times will be known for their complete lack of reality; that truth will be what you can convince someone of; that compassion will be overwhelmed by competition, and the opportunities for peace will be cancelled by the profits of war.

When you’re not in touch with the rudder and keel of your commitment in life, your vessel is blown off course and into the storms that have nothing to do with any conscious intent. This is how most people are wandering and wondering about their lives in their time on Earth; this is how those who’ve lost their way are sensing the world that's lost in so many ways. Trigger-happy instigators then prey upon this ignorance to cultivate a selfish power base with the more conscious solutions becoming a scapegoat. But these are also the times when such crisis and chaos trigger deep neurological shifts in the evolution of human consciousness; when advanced souls are stimulated by the impending disasters to form alliances around revolutionary revelations, and these revelations then open the gates of a future age of enlightenment out of the deep darkness. Advancing neurological networks will now spread out like vast sails to catch the winds blowing across the universal mind.

Our prayer is that you'll stand up in these highly conscious winds; that such winds of change will carry you toward your destiny, and with this destiny you'll become one of the many saviors of Earth, for you must. 

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