Be Of Service To Others  

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In life, you're given the responsibility for yourself, and the opportunity to serve everyone else. True fulfillment and success arrives when you’ve achieved a balance between these two worlds . . . unity amongst a vast array of diversity. This balance is one of the highest callings humans can accomplish, for when you’re of service to others, you’re lightening the burden on everyone . . . the collective psyche . . . the psycho-emotional weight of gravity reduces. When only concerned for yourself, the brain operates in a reptilian more primitive modality. It's said that alligators and crocodiles are the darkest of creatures in this reptilian category . . . only understanding what's self-serving.

The reptilian portion of the human brain -- the most primitive region -- was formed in mammals around three hundred and thirty million years ago, here on Earth. When resigned to this selfish area -- and it's selfish to survive -- you're resigning from all the power of your higher consciousness in favor of embracing brutality and every other defensive/offensive behavior. These are the ravages of unconsciousness currently at play on Earth, they’re twisting every law of decency and service (seva in Sanskrit) into rubble. To allow this planet to be ruled by such a depth of selfishness, is to completely ignore the rights of all life; it’s to avoid the discomforts of standing for righteousness, and it’s to believe there's someone else meant to correct the faults that you're aware of. You're awareness can make a difference, but you must agree to engage it as an opportunity, as well as a responsibility, in order for this difference to take place.

Our prayer is that you take this on as a seva; that you make a master plan to give yourself enough time for yourself and to be of service to others, and then walk with the gratitude of being a best friend to all life . . . forever. 

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