Be A Guide In The Guidance Of These Times 

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These are the times of transformation; these are the times of sublimation; the extreme destiny of these times has already been written; the outcomes have already been stated and created, and you are a guide in the guidance of these times. The guidance you are to perform is the guidance you are to live . . . it’s already in place all around you. All you need do is relax into that which already is; to be in trust; to be in faith, and to be at ease with the way of these ways. For these are the times of transformation, and these are the times of sublimation . . . the extreme shifts within the cosmic destiny that's written. To struggle in these times, is to expend energy that’s unnecessary. Now is the time to ride the waves of time, while choosing directions for your way inside these waves.

These times are the way of this way amongst the laws of matter that say: “for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.” Sometimes the reaction comes after the action; sometimes the reaction comes before the action -- that’s merely perspective -- and what you’re seeing in these times is the reaction that precedes the action. You're in charge of this action -- the reaction preceding it is the terror and violence; the horrible and miserable; the inhumane and unethical "leadership" that's taking place all around you. Spend none of your energy being aghast at what's happening; spend none of your energy being surprised at what's happening; spend none of your energy being frustrated by what's happening, but simply understand that in the way of the way, what's happening is happening as a reaction to the action you're about to carry out. Be a guide in the guidance of these times; be confident; be accurate; be absolute; be at ease; be in joy, and be knowing that liberation is counting on you to be you.

Our prayer is that these words make sense to you; that in these sensations you're willing to keep up; to be up, and to stay up as a guide in the guidance of these times . . . for these times are the times that are undeniably upon you. 

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