Being Human Becoming Humane 

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According to valid ancient teachings, the incarnations of animals close to the human world -- domesticated animals, and many of their intelligent cousins, e.g., elephants, sea mammals, primates and others -- are actually much more conscious and conscientious than ‘eighty-seven percent’ of humans . . . the humans in their early stages of human evolution. When your soul comes out of those ‘eight and a half’ million pre human life cycles -- just before moving into the human cycle -- you have all of the awareness of the previous ‘eight and a half’ million incarnations, but becoming human suddenly produces free will and intellectual power that overwhelms and distorts everything.

The picture becomes all about you; all about acquisition; all about your survival with myriads of questions and no answers . . . you’re totally gullible. The vast wisdom of your previous incarnations is buried in this chaos, and for tens of thousands of lifetimes you wander through your human world without a clue -- with destruction as your weapon of protection. Eventually you emerge into the enlightenment cycle, but before this, you're the most dangerous creature on Earth. This is what you must counterbalance, for this Earth is filled with these destructive ones right now . . . eighty-seven percent. This is your reason for being super-conscious in a world of pain and destruction; this is a stranger in an even stranger land, and it's time to show up; keep up, and make the difference that's required, for the world is being led/bullied/ransacked by aggressive unevolved ‘early-cycle’ humans.

Our prayer is that you answer the call; realize this [is] your calling to secure this world with compassion and consciousness, and then harness those who are destroying it with a miraculous parental firmness. This will take many years . . . start now.

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