Your Emotional Body 

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Your physical body is a vessel through which you experience the messages and lessons of your incarnations. This physical vessel has a huge contribution, echoes of your genetic lineage . . . your ancestry through your mother-father, grandparents, great-grands . . . on and on into the distant past through seven generations (254 ancestors).

There's nothing more exact in your experience of this ancestral lineage for measuring the purpose of your emotional body. The emotional body --produced from the peptides and hormones arising out of your glands and organs -- is the direct expressions of your ancestral DNA. This expression operates through the physical body into your emotional makeup and attitude . . . all emotions have their reason for existing. The purpose of each emotion delivers a tool for efforts in your life. The ancestors exist in your body -- a history of the events of your lineage -- for removing historical blocks holding back your power. The first strong emotions you ever felt as a small child were envy and frustration. You learned to walk and talk being envious of those who could -- then frustrated by your failures until your envy caused your efforts to return. Many failures in the process of learning, but hope coordinated with this envy into more observations . . . those who were successfully walking and talking inspired you. Those walking and talking gave hope of the possible.

Our prayer is that you realize this hope and envy will always overcome frustrations; that you learn what’s needed at the hard times of life while developing skills for the rest of your life . . . allow conscious effort in your physical vessel to guide your mental, emotional and spiritual growth. 

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