A Warrior’s Balance 

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The sound of your inhale is “sssssst” -- ‘sat’ when spelled phonetically -- and the sound of a satisfied exhale is “nnnnnnm” -- ‘nam’ when spelled phonetically. Yogis have proclaimed for thousands of years, that the only sound of truth is the sound of this inhale, and any sound you add to your exhale is an opinion. In the midst of your wisdom -- pavan (the breath) is a key to creating conscious connections.

You’re made up of many different entities, with the primary one -- the one attached to your ‘id’ -- being your id•entity . . . identity. This entity, plus your consciousness, carries with it, all of the unique connections of life . . . the mechanisms of your awareness . . . all the sounds created with your voice. With this voice, it's essential to speak your mind from within this identity. It's also essential that you speak in kind . . . being equal to all who will listen. Loving-kindness will get your point across, without this point causing injury. Just as you always tell children, “don't run with pointed scissors”, you must also not run with your point of view aimed as a weapon . . . use it as a benevolent tool. And yet your strong voice must be heard, for the status quo is no longer a solution. You’re one of the ones who must step up; you’re one of the ones who must become a radical disrupter. This can be scary. “Face this fear,” Yogi Bhajan would say, “and force those flames of terror to bow before your unyielding commitment.”

Our prayer is that you’ll raise your voice in the midst of today's chaos; that you’ll speak with kindness nearly all the time, but also be a warrior when it’s essential to cut through the storms, and then allow balance and equilibrium to guide your path as the world prospers from your existence . . . sat nam. 

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