The Gift Of Meditative Timelessness  

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Sequential time is an illusion created by your senses of the present, plus memory of the past, and anticipation of the future. The actuality of time is a continuum . . . no past, or future, within which you wouldn’t individuate anything. Within this continuum you’d only experience a mass of eternal time-threads rolled into a ball with you at the center . . . a mass of everything with the distinction of nothing . . . mass meaninglessness. In order to individuate objects, bodies and persons, you’ve convinced yourself -- with your trained senses -- to perceive a sequence of moments called real-time. This is further detailed and calibrated through your brain state . . . the reflective effects of memory and anticipation. Without this differentiation of sequences, you'd be from your mother’s womb [not ending, or beginning] -- then into her mother’s womb, and on into the generations of matriarchal wombs of infinity.

Life would be parallels without sequence, or consequence . . . without cause and effect . . . without effort, or outcome. You’ve been gifted a brain that perceives sequences with clear consequences . . . you can accomplish tasks with your plans, and dreams with your efforts. There are, however, additional signals in your environments from those dimensions beyond these sequences -- dimensions from forever far beyond your senses. These are the ones you can access through deeply discovering meditations, through transcending your sensory system without the boundaries of time . . . picking up signals from the past and the future. In Sanskrit this is known as Bhavishya . . . a history of the future . . . the continuum of time. This is where solutions live; this is where your success lives, and this is where you can access when you discipline beyond the events and efforts of your time stressed world.

Our prayer is that you give yourself a gift of meditative timelessness . . . a little every day; that you create dreams from these realms where your dreams are born, and succeed in the lineage of now from the wombs of forever. 

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