The River Of You  

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A seed contains an infinite responsibility, the ability of responding with measurelessness to the infinite future. You’re a seed of this infinite future, within you and every other seed is the generation of every future generation. The sensations of navigating this infinite identity is like riding dragons with the ancient cosmic mariners . . . the mythos and mythology of those who rode into the wild unknown. Yogis are those mariners who have understood this play for thousands of years; they designed postures and meditations to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and balance the serotonin and dopamine levels . . . a trinity of assets on their path toward enlightenment.

Long before these terminologies of science were created, these yogis; Jesus; the Buddha; Guru Nanak and other great masters taught about absorbing the river. They would meditate as If they were a bubble in a river. With every river there's a part that’s at the ocean . . . journey successfully completed; there’s also a point that’s at the source of the headwaters, and even before that in the clouds of the rain. They meditated on relaxing into the center point of the river’s full cycle; the journey successfully completed; just at the beginning, and before everything . . . this is faith, trust, gratitude, and inspiration all in one. Concern and struggle would not reach this destination. It causes you to jump out, or be tossed out, or get caught up in whirlpools, rapids and mishaps . . . so many alternatives to success happen when you’re not centered In the river that is you.

Our prayer is for you to exercise, breathe, and enter a silence to remain in your center; to stretch fully into your body glove and reach the center point of your stretch, and then realize this center is the center of the center of the cycle in the seed . . . the river of you, deep within you. 

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