You Believe You See It All…


  Humans believe themselves to be the highest form of life on this planet, and this is because of paying very little attention to what's really going on in the world beyond the intellect. And in this, human perception is significantly limited. You believe you see it all, but you only receive and perceive a fraction of what’s actually out there in front of you. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life without the micro-chasm-like, nano black-holes -- with their accompanying white holes through which magic, myth and miracles are available for your use -- fall into ignorance and invisibility. Keep yourself from this world of magic and you're trapped in the commons of doubt, fear and despair that reside in three and four dimensions without access to this vast system. This is the system of nano black holes that are to be used as toilets for your trash.

This is where the mythology of dragons and monsters devour your weakness to make ready your miraculous strengths. Life runs cleaner and clearer when you’ve learned to navigate these more mystical portions of spacetime where the trash and debris are cleared. The degrading elements of doubt, fear and despair, the traps of normal life, are keeping human perception in a limited state. It’s far more convenient to be in denial than it is to accept, and then learn to navigate this miraculous realm, for here you have to contend with completely misunderstanding the fierce devouring dragons and monsters until you’re more proficient at their navigation. This is the nature of ignorance that runs this world without bliss.

Our prayer is that you believe in dragons and magic; that you learn to ride them, not slay them, and that you learn to perform the magic of bliss that make true humans the highest form of life, for without this magic, you’re just two legged barbarians fighting over land, resources, and silly ideas.

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