You Being You


In this life, only those who are ready have to face any challenges . . . by the laws of physics, you're presented exactly what you can handle and afford. The equality of the physical world is unfailing and unwavering . . . nothing is outside this law. The unprepared are left alone to prepare. It's the process of evolutionary growth . . . there are no errors. That's the physics of nature, and the course of evolution in order to mature each species. Genetics are running this show here on the physical Earth, your soul body is housed inside your genetics -- different each life -- in order to have the experience of your exact level of soul preparedness. It's all goverened by the distinguishing qualities of intelligence . . . you're challenged when you're ready to meet the challenge. There's energy saved when you grasp this fact . . . face this reality. There are no more moments wasted on wishing it to be different . . . it is what it is. All this is viewed through your senses -- exactly calibrated to the level of your preparedness. Life will always appear slightly greater than you think you're ready for -- this is pure growth. Not only do you grow in ability -- you grow in your outlook; you grow in your courage; you increase your willingness to meet the ever increasing challenges and obstacles placed before you. As if engaged in a gigantic, all inclusive, total immersion video game experience -- life constantly re-ups the game-skill requirements as your skillset increases. This is the nature of life . . . everything is alive . . . everything must grow. When you view your circumstances through this lens, you access all the abilities to accomplish each moment; you welcome each moment as a measure of your ability. "Judge your strength, by the enemy's strength" [and] "Every action, has an equal reaction" . . . these common quotes explain this 'law' exactly.

Our prayer is that you recognize you're equal to each moment you face -- good and bad; that you meet your moments with this equality, willingness and confidence; that your willingness comes from your heart -- your confidence comes from the soul, and your mind agrees to be a part of the team. This is you being you.

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