You Be You


Anomalous phenomena -- a snowflake -- the individuation of you -- with all the deviations from anything common. Everyone is original . . . an exact copy of absolutely nothing . . . the very first of everything with no similarities to anything. Emotional pain arises when you attempt to fit in and be just like others . . . liking to hide the anomaly that’s you. You're the very first and there will never be another . . . this is the nature of each incarnation. Your task is to be the most anomalous of the phenomenon of you. There has never been another person exactly like this version of you; there is no other person exactly like this version of you; there will never be a version of any person that’s exactly like this current version of you -- so if you are not being exactly like you -- then when you die -- the ‘you-in-you’ never existed. You have every authority to be you and this authority is immortal. For you to follow the rules is a convenience, but to do it with immortally you must follow them creatively . . . not exactly. This is not to be unethical, or immoral, this is to be you and to compassionately question everything. Like, who made up the original rules that make up the current rules? And, who found the authority to obfuscate your authority . . . to confuse and obscure the power of your being. Who has the right to question the configurations of a global map based on antiquated wars that stops human migration -- when the birds, four legged creatures, fish and even the insects are free to roam on the land, seas, and skies . . . to go anywhere they please? Beauty is another rule that you must question, for it’s purely an opinion held within the senses of some anonymous witness . . . an opinion that’s been captured and defined, but in fact beauty is available everywhere in everything . . . it’s in your eyes. This is the new mastery -- the new sages, gurus, and prophets . . . this is the new revelation. Our prayer is that you embrace the modern moment; resist the old traditional attitudes that believe change is incorrect . . . move with the times and unfold the unlimited you . . . prosper in this rapidly growing universal phenomenon . . . you be you.