You are the Possibility in Every Impossibility


Everything humans have ever created outside themselves, are things mimicking the world that exists inside. The wheel; the radio; the ability to record light and sound . . . you've replaced telepathy with telephony; the wheel mimics red blood cells rolling through the capillaries; the radio is your thoughts arriving from the constant broadcast of the universal mind. Even the new stealth world -- the redirection of sensory perception . . . they’re building meta-materials that can disguise an object until it disappears into the background. It can also be used to mimic the appearance of something else -- this is the nature of maya . . . the nature of shamanic shape-shifting . . . like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. There's absolutely nothing that's impossible as science explores these depths in the quantum world. You're entering the other side of the exact same Universe . . . this is the magical side. Logic won't explain everything anymore; it’s identical to the illusion that you perceive, and the reality that you don't ever see. Imagine this being used for benevolent reasons . . . an object disappears into the background . . . misinformation becomes the new reality to solve problems that were previously unsolvable. Where strong interactions need to work in harmony with each other -- like people in the current world -- this is already taking place inside you at the level of bosons and fermions . . . the sub-atomic particles. An example of a fermion is an electron; a boson is a light particle (photon). These particles can exchange with each other in a sort of alchemy -- transforming into one another: fermions into bosons (bosonization), or reverse it (fermionization) . . . all in the realm that turns intractable problems into completely solvable ones. As science works to find the answers in the outside world, this is already available on world that's inside you. Our prayer is that you begin to know that you have these answers; that you solve problems that are unsolvable because you know that you can; that you become the magician performing magic . . . so clearly needed in this world . . . self-realize that you are the possibility in every impossibility.