The Cosmos Knows Who You Are, Even if You Feel You Don’t


Innocence is one of the keys to learning . . . being wrong — some of the time — is a guaranteed event while learning. It indicates courage. Courage is a word that means — coming from the heart and at the heart of the game is the fulfillment point. Remain a student throughout your life . . . be constantly willing to begin at a beginning as a beginner. Then be happily wrong to become happily right . . . invest your capital in the right of eventually discovering right. It is an adventurous and rewarding path and honors your highest self.

The Cosmos knows who you are; the Cosmos knows where you are and where you want to be. This is the nature of nature — this is the law of nature — this is a cosmic principle. You are not outside these laws. You are not being forgotten by this nature. You are not an exception to this rule.