You Are The Common Denominator


Whatever paraphernalia, circumstances and absurdities fall in your path, it's your path falling in. You are the common denominator. Whatever comes your way, it is for you and it is by you. We all have obstacles in our path. Stop thinking of your obstacles as being separate from you. When you are connected, there is no such thing as loneliness. Challenge yourself each day. They say the devil is in the details. What scares you today? Conjure it up, face it. Build its reality and let it scare you (then become fearless). It is written in yogic scripture that when you face the flames, they will die down and bow to you.

Commitment overrides the sensations caused by emotion. Be fearful (fearless) and be committed. Whenever you become concerned, recognize that it is the tip of an iceberg. If you commit, the outcome is guaranteed—nothing to be said, nothing to be doubted, nothing to be feared, nothing to be questioned.