Concern and worry are like lighting a match, there are many different ways in which this can affect any given moment. Concern and worry are used by every animal in the wild to increase their awareness. It’s like salt: use a little and it increases the taste; use a lot and it ruins the taste. Take a deer for example -- the deer uses this form of fear to comprehend the exact conditions of the surrounding forest. The deer will determine, when it hears a twig snap in the distance, whether it was snapped by a hard hoof (a grazing animal), or by a soft paw (a predator). If it was snapped by a hard hoof, the deer knows there’s no further danger . . . the match of concern can be extinguished. If it was a soft paw . . . the deer takes further actions with accurate consciousness, not continued concern. Your concern or worry can be lit . . . it can then shed light on the moment around you . . . the key is to register what has been illumined and then extinguish your concern before it burns you. With humans this match of concern or worry can also light a larger concern . . . this can then shed huge light on the moment, but now you must be extremely conscious of the ways and amounts of fuel that are added. You’re now bound to manage the fire . . . you’re either going to spend your energy managing the fire or working with purpose. Make the wrong choice, you will either fuel the fire until your concern is out of control . . . or you successfully manage the fire, but that’s all you do. Your purpose is then unattended, and you lose your momentum. Our prayer is that you are capable of working with the advantages of your concern; that you know exactly when to use it and when to extinguish it; that you use it to light your process and purpose, but not to burn your purpose down, and that your life is never relegated to the monotonous management of worry and concern. Master the art and science of worry . . . and then be happy.