Work with Your Neck


Part Nine: Metaphysical energy circulates throughout your body. It's as real as the blood that circulates through your veins . . . it's guiding your Soul connection to your life's projection. There are two vertebrae at the top of your spine that play a specific role in this relation between the worlds of physics and metaphysics . . . living as a Spirit in the physical world. C1 and C2 are the first two of the seven cervical vertabrae. C1 is also known as the 'Atlas' and C2 is known as the 'Axis'. C2, the 'Axis' vertabra, is a key to the your relationship with the world of two dimensions . . . the world of right and wrong; yes and no; good and bad, and other black and white settings. This is a view that's essential to the physical world, and if it isn't present, your spiritual world is actually an imaginary place without basis; without grounding . . . quite common in the world of the "New Age." There's an exercise in Kundalini yoga for restoring this sense -- sitting in easy pose with the hands in gian mudra; rhythmically turning your head left and right; inhaling to the left; exhaling to the right. C1, or the 'Atlas' vertabra, allows you to perceive beyond the immediate space of three dimensions; allows you to speculate; allows you to transcend the space and visualize what might be "when" and "if" . . . the world of your spiritual practice. Within the bounderylessness of the spiritual world -- if your not grounded in two dimensions, there's little basis or opportunity in its speculation. Both the two dimensional view and the view beyond three dimensions are essential to a balanced and joyful life, and when one of them excludes the other, there's either a lack of reality, or a lack of imagination . . . a root of ongoing frustration and lack of manifestation. Manifestation without imagination lacks joy; imagination without manifestation lacks fulfillment. An exercise in Kundalini yoga for increasing this coordination is called "cat and cow." Our prayer is that you work with your neck to make certain that these vertabrae are healthy; that you're able to be grounded, but imagine beyond the black and white world, and release all reasons for living with a "pain in your neck."