Without Conflict Within Conflict

Having conversations with our closest ones is very important because there needs to be an agreement since they are the ones that challenge us the most. My wife and I have those conversations all the time because if we didn't, our conflicts would look like everybody else's because it's not about not having conflict. That is impossible. Isn't that relieving? To know that your goal is impossible? Your goal was really a lot of pressure and now you don't have that pressure, you just have the pressure that exists everywhere. The cycle of life, immaculate perception, divine projection, dynamic silence, receive the reception. The brief take away is that conflict is the source of existence. Being unconflicted within conflict is successful living. Successful relationships are non-territorial, no blaming, no claiming. Recognized that everyone arrived at exactly their position honestly. Even if they're dishonest, the arrived at their dishonesty, honestly
through a series of steps and if you had taken those exact same steps, you would be exactly as they are. In fact, you are because they are a reflection of what those steps represent. This reflection may not be who you are as you are but it is who you are as you could be, which is a guidance.
The barrier at the side of the road is an indication, the road beyond this point is treacherous. As a matter of fact, it doesn't exist for about a thousand feet so you take that reflection as an instruction. Don't go there. But definitely don't go up to it and attack it with our car which is what we so often do. We go up to the other and attack it with our vehicle just to show how right we are when we're dead wrong.