WIth Your Magical Heart, Make Sense of the Nonsense


At the sensory level of the material universe there are rules and laws like: for every action there’s an equal reaction; everything falls at the same rate in the same field of gravity; the buoyancy of an object, in water, is an equal factor of its weight to its surface area . . . these are a few of the physical laws that remain consistent. Then there are moments, in everyone’s life, where it clearly seems that this stability, consistency, equality and fairness have all but disappeared; that life just randomly generates events through a painfully unguided path.

These are the moments when fixations on predictions and constants give way to the random changes and creation in chaos. Even though this is not what you want, this is an opportunity to create, what you want, out of the whole-cloth of the ‘what-is’ in the moment. These are times when the wisdom keepers would become more deeply inspired and say, "It’s time to bolt your butt to the ground -- to the rug -- and stretch into your body-glove. Deeply pray through mantras . . . silently meditate within nothing . . . and prepare for the equal and opposite actions and reactions to disappear into an impending miracle.” This is the time when the light bodies -- an advanced aspect of life, accessed through human consciousness -- is able to build in the third dimension, with super-speeds from the fourth dimension, using fifth dimensional connections. The Vedic texts explain how this was taught by ancient masters in their states of ecstasy . . . how three and four dimensional evolution can lose touch with limited measurements, and take on characteristics of infinite space and eternal time. Here the laws become lawless and make no sense.

You can either complain about this chaos and disorder, or you can take advantage of the impending miracles, where your radiant body -- and the other light bodies -- create collective harmony far beyond anything imaginable in three dimensions.

Our prayer is that you believe in magic when these moments arrive; that you look for the miracles right there all around you, and comprehend the absurdities with your magical heart . . . make sense of the nonsense.

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