Wisdom Keepers


A massive number of newly born soul-bodies, desperate for evolutionary wisdom, have arrived here on Earth . . . you are one of the wisdom keepers. When you are clear, the present moment is clear, and there is an overriding sensation that future present moments will unfold clearly . . . this is the environment in which these curious and hungry soul-bodies thrive. This world is a product of wise, human, conscious, awareness mixed in with the nature of nature, but thus far, the human part of this equation has been unguided and haphazard. You’re on Earth to correct this . . . pratyahar (Sanskrit) is the state of this awareness to synchronize the small parts to the whole . . . connecting the finite to the Infinite. Our prayer is that you are cordial to these newly arrived guests; that you are constantly perceiving the connections within every disconnection; that you become one of the guiding stars to light their path on Earth with a brilliant future, and know that this future is now.