Winds of Change


For real discovery to take place; for actual progress to be achieved on Earth; for true safeguards of harmonic living to be the new norm in this planet's movement to the future -- as Jesus, Muḥammad, Einstein, Tesla, Nanak and the Buddha, amongst many, so clearly understood -- there needs to be a collective and connected director . . . like the director of an orchestra. This director is actually the human higher consciousness, for what's capable of accessing your higher consciousness, is also able to harmonize these disparate components; it coordinates the collective human awareness like a symphony. Human beings, more than any other creature, are constantly playing in the winds of change, and this is an important play of progress, but it's not without a severe downside. The directions of the winds of change are unpredictable, and when you get a hint of this limitlessness, that you’re not bound, that there's total freedom everywhere, your responsibility must shift. You can no longer be selfish; no longer blame anyone, or hold them responsible for who, what, why, or when things are. There can be no complaining about the directions of the wind. This is the 'junction in crisis' that this world is challenged by in this very moment of evolution . . . it's the clock of the long now nearing midnight if you're not careful. This is where imagination comes into play. A moment like right now -- where there's little hope to be found in three and four dimensions -- is the best stimulant for imagination. This level of hopelessness is the birthplace for great ideas and ideals at the portal of greater dimensions. To pass through this "portal" is essential in times of darkness; to be on top of the "mountain" and see greater distances; to ride the "wave" of time without struggle as your awareness rises into higher consciousness is key. Our prayer is that you ride these winds of great change on the sails of your imagination; that you experience the sensations of limitlessness without blaming, or challenging the unfamiliarity, and then use these unfamiliar abilities to navigate the new course . . .  become a director of harmony while the orchestra plays on.