Where Are You?


You can mediate while sitting on a beach. You can mediate while walking in the mountains. You can mediate while sitting in a perfect mudra and asana. You can mediate while swimming. There are so many ways in which you can mediate.  If you want the divergent paths between your desires and your expectations (between what you want to happen and what is happening) to become convergent, you must mediate daily. If you want to be socially accepted, you must bathe daily. It’s a rather straight forward activity we wilingly commit to.  If you want to be accepted by yourself, you must mediate or wash your mental existence daily. Somehow that is a scarier proposition though. For all of the anxiety we may feel around friends, family, and complete “strangers” accepting us…self-acceptance is riskier. Ultimately, daily meditation displays something that we oftentimes fear the most. It gives us an indication of exacrly where we are.