When Your Expectation = Your Desires


Your expectations are actually guiding your existence, while your desires are occupying your consciousness. So you know what you want, but you get what you expect. However, you don't know what you expect until you get it. The gap between what you expect (the deep core directives) and what you want (your conscious desires) is what humanity spends its entire life managing. So is your gap divergent or convergent? In other words, are you expanding a problem or attracting a solution? The vast majority of the planet are in what is called a divergent gap. Understand this is not a judgmental statement, but an observation. That means that they are expanding the distraction. You need to be able to create your conscious observation in a binary fashion. You need to be partially connected to your desires and deeply aware of your expectations. That means that you have what is known as a convergent gap. In that convergence, down the road in five years, ten years, twenty years or more, your wants, your desires and your expectations actually come together. That's what's known as liberation. When your expectations equal your desires, you are free.